Growing seasonal,
local produce
to feed our community
for the future.

Farm to plate

Fresh veggies every Sunday

Come and join us every Sunday morning at Farm on the Green, Club Sapphire Merimbula to get your weekly organic veggie fix Our produce is grown right here on our urban farm and picked on the day so it makes it straight onto your plate!

As our produce is seasonal, you will get a different range of vegetables, fruit and herbs to the supermarket however, they are guaranteed to be fresh, long-lasting, local and full of nutrients and flavour.

The farm gate opens at 9.30am sharp, so come  along early to make sure you get the best picks of the day! Bring a coffee (or tea!), in your keep-cup of course, and your own shopping bags to do your bit for the environment. 

Payment options: cash and EFTPOS

Days: most Sundays (except Easter & Christmas)
Time: 09.30-11.00
Location: the old bowling green, Club Sapphire,
119 Main Street, Merimbula (follow the signs in the carpark)

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Our seasonal produce

Our produce changes from season to season, year to year. Here's some examples of what we grow so you know what to expect.

Summer / Autumn

Leafy Greens (Chard, Kale, Silverbeet, Lettuce or Spinach), Rhubarb, Yakon (gut superfood), Beans, Capsicum, Zucchini, Beetroot, Tomatoes, Carrots, Asian Greens, Eggplant, Cucumbers, Leeks, Pumpkin, Onions, Basil, Potatoes, Radish, Cabbage, Melon.

Spring / Summer

Beetroot (Red & Golden), Leafy Greens (Chard, Kale, Silverbeet, Lettuce or Spinach), Leeks, Radish, Coriander, Onions, Rocket.

Autumn / Winter

Leafy Greens (Chard, Kale, Silverbeet, Lettuce or Spinach), Broccoli, Cauliflower, Rhubarb, Cabbage, Yakon (gut superfood), Radish, Turnips.

Winter / Spring

Leafy Greens (Chard, Kale, Silverbeet, Lettuce or Spinach), Snow Peas, Bush Peas, Radish

Farm on the Green's story

'From Little Things' was started in 2017 with a mission to create community based projects that aimed to enhance local biodiversity and build urban food security within Merimbula and surrounds.

We began with a major transformation of the old bowling greens at Club Sapphire Merimbula, into what is now known as the Farm On The Green.

Here we grow seasonal produce and community involvement for a sustainable Merimbula.

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Growing seasonal produce and a  sustainable community

"Food is not just fuel. Food is about family, food is about community, food is about identity. And we nourish all those things when we eat well."
Michael Pollan

Supporting our local food supply

The recent challenges we've faced as a result of the black summer bushfires and global covid-19 pandemic have highlighted the importance for communities like ours to not only connect and support each other but to also work toward safeguarding and growing our local food economy.

If we want to ensure that our food stays available, affordable, Australian grown and fresh we need to buy and grow our food locally whenever possible.

Nourishing our families & our future

Our produce is grown in nutrient dense soils and picked fresh to order.

This means that you know you're feeding your family food that is full of flavour, is super nutritious and also really good for your wallet and the environment because it's grown naturally and with zero food miles.

To stop waste any excess produce is donated to S.L.O. or organisations who are supporting community and families in need.

Sapphire Life Opportunities

S.L.O. link can be found here:

Directly opposite Club Sapphire Main Entrance

Building a healthy & sustainable community

While we strive to produce healthy food we also aim to support the health of our community and the people in it.

We encourage people of all ages and abilities to become involved in our project where you can benefit both physically and mentally from being outdoors and surrounded by like-minded people.

We continue to build partnerships with local businesses in order to promote and grow sustainable projects in our community.

Working Bees

Tuesday: 08.00-10.00
Thursday: 08.00-10.00
Sunday: 08.00-12.00 (sales 09.30-11.00)

Get involved

We are always looking for keen and committed volunteers to join our community here at Farm on the Green. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned gardening pro there are plenty of projects to get involved in. 

Come over and say hi to us one Sunday at our weekly market to learn more about what we do and how you can get involved. Or reach out via email, facebook or instagram.